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Admission Procedure
On verification of the eligibility of the candidate for admission, the candidates will be intimated about the provisional selection. The provisional admission intimation letter shall indicate:

i. The amount of fees payable by the candidate and the payment schedule.
ii.The list of original documents to be submitted for verification and return.

When you receive the communication informing the provisional selection, you must send all the required documents and tuition fees. After checking the original certificates, the enrolment letter confirming the admission, will be sent to you.

Enrolment Number:
In the letter informing the confirmation of admission, an enrolment number is allotted to every student joining a course. This number will hold good for the entire duration of the course of study. Students should indicate their Enrolment Number in all the communication addressed to the School of Distance Education, to facilitate prompt response form the School of Distance Education. For any communication, the query form found in this brochure should be used.

Identity Card:
An identity Card will be issued at the time of admission. This is valid for the entire duration of the course. The students will be permitted to attend the Personal Conduct theory, Practical classes and study materials will be issued only on production of their ID card.

Hall tickets for the University Examinations will be issued by the Chief Superintendents only on production of this ID card.

Students are advised to keep the ID card carefully, as it provides proof of their bonafide student status

In case of loss of the ID card, a duplicate will be issued on a written request accompanied by a fee of Rs. 50/- (by means of Demand Draft or SBI or BOI Challan) along with one recent identical Stamp – size photograph.

However, students who have completed the duration of the course, will be issued a bonafide certificate for the purpose of appearing in the supplementary examination.

Original Certificates:
The original certificates submitted at the time of admission shall be returned after verification. However, the HSC original mark statements shall be returned only after Government verification.

Change of Name, Address, Study Centre, Etc.
If a student changes his/her name during the course on study, it should be brought to the notice of the SDE immediately. Application to this effect should be made to the Director, School of Distance Education in the prescribed format along with the fee of Rs. 325/-

Candidates should make sure that any change in the address is promptly communicated to the School of Distance Education by sending a letter in the enclosed format with their current address and a fee of Rs.50/-. They should also ensure that an acknowledgment is received form the SDE and kept along with the ID card.

A minimum of four weeks is required for effecting the change of address.

Students opting for a change of Study centre should make an application to that effect, along with a fee of Rs.100/-

All payments to the School of Distance Education should be made only by means of a crossed MICR Demand Draft, or SBI & BOI challan, accompanied by the appropriately filled–in–fee remittance form. A format of the fee–remittance form is enclosed; it may be duplicated for future use. The enrolment number and the name of the student should be written on the reverse side of the Demand Draft or Challan.

Scholarships for SC/ST Students:
Scholarships for SC/ST students will be granted as per the directives of the Government of Tamil Nadu. However the students are instructed to remit the full fees, at the time of admission and it will be refunded as and when the scholarship is granted by the concerned authorities. Application forms for Scholarship can be obtained from the District Adi-Dravida Welfare Officer. Completed application should be submitted to the Director, School of Distance Education within a month from the date of admission.

If the student had earlier been a student of the first or second year of the programme of the SDE and had discontinued for whatever reason, he /she is eligible for re-admission into the II / III year in which he / She had discontinued, on payment of a re–admission fee of Rs.525/-

Re–admissions are possible only into the courses which are currently offered by the SDE. The syllabus for such re–admitted students shall be prescribed by the SDE. Application for such re-admission should be superscribed at the top as Re-admission into ______________ course_______________ year.

Direct Admission to II or III year of Study :
If a candidate had already studied first year or second year in a fulltime programme in colleges affiliated to Bharathiar University or a recognized University, he / she is eligible for admission directly into the second or third year of the corresponding programme of the School of Distance Education.

Direct admission will be made only to the courses which are currently offered by the SDE.

Application for such direct admission should be superscribed at the top as ‘Direct admission into second / third year’.

Exemption of subjects:
Students who have already passed one or more subjects prescribed in the School of Distance Education under the same course at some other institution shall be considered for exemption from appearing in those papers. An application to this effect should be made with copies of the syllabus (in duplicate) duly attested by the Head of the Institution in which the student had studied these subjects. A sum of Rs. 525/- shall be collected as fee for considering such exemption. The requisition should be addressed to the Director, School of Distance Education. However, the decision of the University shall be final with regard to granting of such exemption.

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